Utkarsh Verma lived a short but deeply meaningful mortal life (1992-2014). His worthy biographic credentials notwithstanding, Utkarsh lived more in his ‘Presence’ than his ‘Personality’. His ‘Presence’ combined a ‘Witnessing Quest’ , ‘Taoist (not)Knowing’ , ‘Sufi Mystique’ , and ‘Quiet Service’.

Utkarsh believed in “Sharing Quietly”. Yes, “Sharing” is what he meant by words like ‘donation’ & ‘charity’. He would call this experience “Sharing”. He shared with & served destitute since the tender age of 3 Years and 5 Months.

His gifted mind delved deep into the cosmic mysteries. His abundant curiosity for cosmological phenomena like ‘Black-hole’ and ‘Singularity’ was far larger than his immense understanding of the same.

The evening of 24th September 2014, he himself became a ‘cosmic mystique’ that our empty eyes achingly search for, only to have blank darkness fill our gaze.

We have surrendered in-faith to this ‘blank darkness’ … letting ‘Utkarsh’s Presence’ guide our path. For us, His ‘Presence’ has transcended … manifesting as UTKARSH Foundation.

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