Understand Organ Donation

Understand Organ Donation

“Organ-Tissue Donation” is the process of removing healthy organs, tissues from a live or dead person to transplant in a critically ill person, who is at end-life stage. An Organ-Tissue transplant can save someone’s life, but they depend entirely on the humane spirit & courage of donors and their families.

IMPORTANT FACTS about “Organ-Tissue Donation”

Who can be a donor
Anyone, regardless of age, race, religion or gender.Exceptions are those suffering from life threatening disease, infections like AIDS, multiple organ failure, or having undergone transplant themselves.

Types of donation

  • Live Donation – Only by related donor or as permited by THOA 1994 (Transplant of Human Organs Act 1994) & Amendment Act 2011. In Live Donation… One Kidney, Part Liver, Part Pancreas can be donated.
  • Brain-Stem Death – Organs , Tissues, Corneas, heart-valves, Bones, skin, Blood vessels, etc.
  • Normal Death – normal Tissues, Corneas, Bones, heart-valves, skin, Blood vessels.

“Brain-Stem Death” vs Coma
“Brain-Stem Death” is an irreversible & permanent cessation of all brain functions. Vital body functions are artificially supported for a short time through a ventilator that artificially pumps oxygen to the heart, helping it beat. “Brain-Stem Death” is accepted as a type of death under the THOA 1994. Coma is a state of deep unconsciousness where brain continues to function & person can breathe on his own. There are chances of reversal from coma.

To establish “Brain-Stem Death”
A team of qualified Doctors declared appropriately competent for this purpose, conduct a series of recommended tests twice, at a gap of 6 hours. Legal time of death is accepted as the time when 2nd round of tests are conducted.Once “Brain-Stem Death” is established, further artificial support is futile. It is actually an emotional/financial trauma.

“Organ-Tissue Donation” Consent
If intended, should be decided at the earliest. Time is of vital essence in Organ-Tissue Retrieval & Transplant.

Funeral Delay
Yes, funeral might get delayed. But the cause is too noble.

Terminal condtions where Transplantation can help

  • Heart, Kidney, Liver … Failure
  • Terminal Lung illness
  • Diabetes … Pancreas Failure
  • Blindness … Corneal damage
  • Valvular Disease … Heart Vales
  • Burns … Skin graft
  • Serious Limb/Bone Injury … Limbs transplant, Bones graft
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