U-GRACE … U-Grief Restoration And Caring Emergence

U-GRACE … U-Grief Restoration And Caring Emergence

The human state of grief is an indescribably difficult state to be in and endure. It is even more difficult to understand and help another person in grief. In India, there is acute lack of awareness & acceptance of the phenomenon of compassionate, un-attached & professional help to individuals & families in grief. Infact, there are very few trained medico-socio-psychological professionals/volunteers who can provide aware, authentic & compassionate Grief Care & Support to bereaved individuals & families.

Our U-GRACE repertoire includes …

U-GRACE Service …
Compassionate & Professionally Sound Grief Care service for bereavement support, grief restoration & affirmative emergence.

U-GRACE Professional Development …
Authentic & impactful professional development training to medico-socio-psychological professionals & volunteers working (or seeking to work/volunteer) in the focus area of Grief CARE. Such trained volunteers & professionals can provide service for following – 

  • End-of-Life psychological care to terminally ill patients & their families
  • Counsel potential donor families for “Organ-Tissue Donation”
  • Bereavement Support, Grief Restoration & Affirmative Emergence

U-GRACE Support Group …
We aspire to form GRACE Group (an affirmative support group) for individuals/families in grief to offer empathic social support in a safe, mutually affirmative & non-judgmental environment, facilitated by a trained volunteer/professional.

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