U-GOAL endorsed by Dr Sandhya Bansal, Eminent Gynecologist

19th Sep 2015 …

U-GOAL receiving support of Dr Sandhya Bansal, Eminent Gynecologist


Namaste to the spirit & courage of Dr Sandhya Bansal, eminent Gynecologist, for pledging her support to “Organ-Tissue-Cornea Donation” movement, being championed by UTKARSH Foundation, New Delhi.

Dr Sandhya , I salute your spirit & ever fresh heart-warming smile, despite your 24*7 work-load , much of which I know , you do on charity , without letting anyone know. UTKARSH Foundation is grateful to receive your support.

Hope more Doctors like Dr Sandhya feel inspired to pledge for “Organ-Tissue-Cornea Donation” & support our movement.

Come … Pledge your GOAL (Gift Organ-Tissue & Appreciate Life) & Flood us with your mails/calls/messages at …

9910021187 , ugiftorgans@gmail.com , http://utkarshfoundation-india.org/organ-tissue-donor-pledge/

Warm regards & wishing abundance … always

UTKARSH Foundation


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