U-GOAL endorsed by Co-creators of “Appreciative Inquiry” , Profs David Cooperrider & Ronald Fry

7th July 2015 …

U-GOAL getting support from Co-creators of “Appreciative Inquiry” , Prof David Cooperrider & Prof Ronald Fry, Case Western Reserve University, USA


Namaste to the spirit & courage of Prof David Cooperrider & Prof Ronald Fry, the co-creators of “Appreciative Inquiry” ; International legends of ‘Organization Behaviour & Development’ & eminent Professors at Case Western Reserve University, USA , for pledging their support to “Organ-Tissue-Cornea Donation” movement, being championed by UTKARSH Foundation, New Delhi.

Dear Ron, I can never express in words our deep gratitude to you, for reaching out to us the way you did in the darkest phase of our life. Hope you know , what you mean to us. Our work associations apart, you are & would always be an important guiding light for UTKARSH Foundation

Dear David, your creation “Appreciative Inquiry” is a precious gift to humankind. But more importantly, the ‘human being’ that you are, is an even more precious gift to us all, especially the AI Universe. I am privileged to be on your team.

Dear Ron & David, sometimes a ‘thanks’ is best said when not verbalized but transmitted through energy. All of us at UTKARSH Foundation send our energy of gratitude to you both. Hope it touches you.

Hope more people, especially from AI Universe feel inspired to pledge for “Organ-Tissue-Cornea Donation”.

Come … Pledge your GOAL (Gift Organ-Tissue & Appreciate Life) & flood us with your mails/calls/messages at 9910021187, ugiftorgans@gmail.com

Warm regards & wishing abundance … always

UTKARSH Foundation

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