U-GIFT … U-Grow Inclusive Fellowship & Talent

U-GIFT … U-Grow Inclusive Fellowship & Talent

We believe the vulnerable members of the society do not need charity or obligatory welfare. They need acknowledgment & facilitation of their equal & dignified right to live, learn, grow & flourish. Our U-GIFT endeavour strives to create environment & opportunity for inclusive fellowship & talent development of the vulnerable in society.

Our U-GIFT repertoire includes …

UTKARSH Fellowship …
Offered to vulnerable children, young adults & youth from economically/socially disadvantaged background, to help them continue & complete their education. The intent of UTKARSH Fellowship is to help create “Equal Opportunity For Learning With Dignity & Self-worth” for its beneficiaries. The Fellowship is a combination of one or more of following …

  • Financial Aid (Partial/Full) … Basis our CAN (Commitment-Ability-Need) selection model
  • Life & Career Coaching
  • Social Mentoring & Engagement

Please Download UTKARSH Fellowship Application


UTKARSH Library is our humble attempt to create “Equal opportunity for children from disadvantaged background to develop interest & ability for good reading habits from an early life”. For this we partner with under-resourced schools (or institutions with similar objective) in need of Library support. The intention of UTKARSH Library is to create an environment that fosters good reading habits to help children open their mind, think & reflect freely, write & create, and develop a life-long love for learning.

Please Download UTKARSH Library Proposal Form

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