Purpose & Philosophy

Purpose & Philosophy

The phenomenon of SHARE held deep meaning & significance for Utkarsh in the way he extended himself. Deriving inspiration from the same, the core purpose of UTKARSH Foundation is succinctly explained in one line, as below…

Shared, Harmonious & Affirmative Restoration & Emergence
of vulnerable in society

We embody and practice the core values of…


We believe in serving to strengthen. We support vulnerable to find their own strength with dignity. We believe in walking quietly beside, or better still behind, for only as long as our helping hand is needed, and then we withdraw just as quietly, though often forming deep warm mutual bonds.


We believe in harmony between human & human, rising beyond class, creed & caste. We also believe in harmony between human & nature, rising beyond humankind’s self-indulgent rein over ecology.


Utkarsh says, “true appreciation is to appreciate life, even in death”. His idea of ‘appreciation’ is to embody & live the spirit of ‘appreciation’ , deep & high beyond ornate verbal expression.Though hard, very-very hard, we try to live by Utkarsh’s words. We believe in ‘appreciating life’ as a complete package of dark & light.


We believe in inherent human capacity to face adversity and spring up. We believe that vulnerability and strength go together, that human courage to bounce back are immense, and that adversity makes us stronger & humbler.


We believe human life is an abundant journey, that is best lived with a spirit to explore. We believe an exploratory and curious approach to life keeps us innocent, humble& adaptive in the way we engage with life.

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