UTKARSH Foundation is a registered public charitable trust, founded in inspired memory of Utkarsh Verma (1992-2014)

UTKARSH Foundation is set up to take forward Utkarsh’s unfinished dream of a society that is equal in right to learn, grow and flourish … a society where the privileged don’t prosper alone, but remember to SHARE their privileges, fully upholding & affirming the dignity of less-privileged.

Utkarsh’s is a story interrupted and mission “unfinished” . But as Viktor Frankl said “ … sometimes the ‘unfinished’ is the most beautiful symphony”. UTKARSH Foundation is our humble effort to keep playing our precious “unfinished symphony” called Utkarsh.

Our strategic objectives are Endeavor-specific, broadly outlined as below …

  • “Organ-Tissue Donation” … Awareness & Advocacy
  • “Inclusive Fellowship & Talent Growth” … Strengthening Disadvantaged for Self-Empowerment with Dignity
  • “Grief Restoration & Caring Emergence” … Training, Counseling & Support Group
  • “Appreciative Inquiry & Generative Action” … Training Grassroots Organizations & Professionals for authentic learning & practice of ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ to drive/facilitate generative, inclusive & harmonious action
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